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    • New Board Members!

      Tuesday, September 8, 2015 by admin

      As you may know, two of our Board members’ terms were up at the end of this past August.

      Eliana Newall, who served as President for 6 years, and Bryce Newall, who served as Membership Director and Web Site Manager for 6 years, both finished their terms and have handed over the reins.

      Please welcome our new Board members:

      * President: Ronel Wishnuff, a long-time SMAC-SDB Piano teacher member.
      * Membership Director: Jim Guerin, also a long-time SMAC-SDB Piano teacher member, and also a board member for the past several years.
      * Secretary: Caitlin Fahey-Crow, Cello teacher, has now taken on this previously unfilled role.

      We would like to welcome Craig Devine, long-time SMAC-SDB Guitar teacher member, to the Board of Directors. Mr. Devine, along with the above-mentioned Board members, will continue to serve alongside current Board members Elly Schmidt (Vice President and Violin teacher), Leo Espinosa (Treasurer and Family member), and Connie Almond (Piano teacher).

      Finally, we also wish to thank one of Ms. Wishnuff’s family members, Ratna Dube, for taking over management of the SMAC-SDB web site.

      Thanks to everyone for stepping up to the plate and helping your organization to continue to thrive!

    • June Newsletter is now on-line

      Tuesday, September 8, 2015 by admin

      Sorry for the delay in getting this up. Please click here to access the newsletter.

    • Motivation to Join the Suzuki Music Association of California – San Diego Branch

      Sunday, October 6, 2013 by admin

      The California Suzuki organization has been around for 38 years.  In 1977, two Los Angeles teachers, Elizabeth and Harlow Mills, envisioned an organization to coordinate statewide activities and came up with the name “Suzuki Music Association of California.”  The ease of communicating and organizing when everyone was within driving distance prompted our first San Diego group to apply for branch status.


      According to Ms. Donna Lim, 1996 president of SMAC:  As more teachers were attracted to the Suzuki Method, the levels of training grew wider.  There was and continues to be, a concerted effort statewide to provide teacher training workshops for on-going training, with learning among our members as a matter of individual motivation. To date, there are eight branches representing more than 330 teachers in California.

      SMAC-San Diego Branch wants to continue with the purpose of these early pioneers, and:

      – Further the Suzuki concept of education in music and other subjects.
      – Promote high standards of teaching, through lectures, discussions, and demonstrations.
      – Endorse institutes and workshops for student and teacher training.
      – Promote student activities, such as camps, festival concerts, graduation recitals, play-ins, etc.
      – Raise money for scholarships through the annual Play-a-thon.
      – Bring outstanding teachers to this area for teacher training and demonstrations.
      – Make information available to the public, via the internet, about the Suzuki concept of education.
      – Publish a newsletter for the exchange of ideas.

      Please help keep our organization strong and ongoing by renewing your membership in a timely fashion, or joining as a new member.

      Musically Yours,

      Eliana Newall
      President, SMAC-SDB